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Childrens Wool Sweaters

Children Wool Cardigans

Pullovers and Sweaters for children. Traditional Icelandic woolen sweaters and cardigans for children. Hand knitted in Iceland. Designed by Vedis Jonsdottir..
Kids pullover grey
Grey pullover for kids (left). Pattern colors white, denim and black heather. Sizes for 1-8 years old. (2-3 weeks to ship)
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Kids pullover, green heather
Green heather pullover for kids (right). Pattern colors white, clover green heather and black sheep. Sizes for 1-4 years old. (2-3 weeks to ship)
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The Icelandic knitwear is famous for its quality. The knitting pattern of the knit sweaters or cardigan sweater is very traditional for Iceland, and both man and women wear it at work or as a sportswear. The hand knit wool sweater will last for years. It should be only hand washed from lukewarm water. Nordic store offer many style and knitting patterns for children wool sweaters.
The Characteristics of the Icelandic wool are unique: It has two types of fibres:
INNER FIBRES - INSULATING: Fine, soft, highly insulating.
OUTER FIBRES - WATER-REPELLENT: Long, glossy, water-repellent.
Together, these two distinctive fibres create wool that is:
Lightweight - lighter than most other wools, keeps you warm and comfortable.
Water-repellent - repels rain and stays feeling dry.
Breathable - moisture passes through the fibres away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. Kyewords: Knitwear, knitting pattern, knit pattern, knit sweater, cardigans sweaters, wool sweater, Hand, knitted, hand knit, wool sweaters, Hand knit, sweater pattern, knitting sweater, vest sweter, wool knit, wool vest, wool jumper, Hand knitting, sweater knitting pattern, wool pattern, knitting patterns sweater, wool jumpers, wool knitting patterns, womens knitwear, icelandic sweaters, icelandic wool sweater, Icelandic knitting patterns