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Noa Chocolate with Nuts & Raisins 150gr


Sirius milk chocolate is a tradition in our company. The result is a well-balanced chocolate smooth, mild in taste, with good flavor filling. This one with Hazelnuts and Raisins Since its founding in 1920, Nói Síríus has grown to become the largest confectionery manufacturer in Iceland, with an annual turnover of USD 14,000,000. Today we employ 130 people in a country of merely 275,000 inhabitants. Our market share is approximately 30% of the total confectionery market in Iceland, and around 60% of the total domestic production. Though we manufacture a diverse range of products, chocolate is our main specialty: semi-sweet and milk chocolate in a variety of shapes and sizes, including our well-known chocolate gift boxes, of which we are very proud. Our confectionery range also includes pastilles of varying flavours, chocolate wafers, chocolate-covered raisins, caramels, and jelly and licorice products. In all, we produce and/or market some 260 different types of products. Approximately 80% of our sales come from our own confectionery brands, while the remaining 20% are derived from the imports of confectionery and breakfast cereals. We at Nói Síríus hold an exclusive distributors agreement with both Kellogg's and Cadbury's, making us their sole distributor in Iceland. In 1993, we moved our operations to a 6,000 square metre production plant in Reykjavik. Productivity has risen steadily due to an increased focus on automation and streamlining of processes, giving us an even stronger competitive edge. We also operate our own warehouse and distribution system. Several years ago, based on our success domestically as well as a favourable response from people outside of Iceland, we made a decision to begin exporting our confectionery. Our exports have grown steadily, and we currently export to the U.S.A., Scandinavia, Russia and the Benelux countries. In mid-2000 we opened a production plant in Latvia, which produces several types of confectionery, including jellies and our popular "Bumbas". Near the end of the year, we acquired a share in two well-known Latvian companies: Staburadze, a leading biscuit and cake manufacturer, and Laima, the largest confectionery manufacturer in Latvia. Although we are small by international standards, we consider our size as asset, as it allows us the flexibility to respond to any special needs that our customers might have. Our mission? To add to our customers' pleasure and enjoyment in life and to keep abreast of changes in order to meet demand, quickly and efficiently. We intend to maintain our leadership position on the Icelandic market, and to work at promoting our fine products in the global marketplace.

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