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Thor & Thors Hammers

Thor & Thors Hammers

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is the legendary magical weapon of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning. The symbol is a stylized representation of the weapon. It is said that Mjolnir always returned after it was thrown. Today the Thor’s hammer is often worn by people to signify their Norse heritage and for protection.
Danish Thor's Hammer "Mjolnir".
A reproduction of a Danish hammer. The original piece was found in Romersdal, on the ...
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Icelandic Thor's Hammer "Mjolnir".
A reproduction of a hammer found in North Iceland. This is a reproduction of the ...
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Thor with his Hammer Mjölnir.
This symbol was carried for good luck. In pagan times people often carried such small ...
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Thor Hammer

Thor (Old English: Þrunor) is the red-haired ad bearded God of Thunder.
There are two old designs of Thor Hammer. One is the Danish thors Hammer Mjolnir and the Icelandic Thor Hammer Mjolnir.
These pendants are made from sterling silver.