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Yule Lad, Window Peeper


Gluggagægir or Window Peeper (21st Dec.) is the tenth Yule Lad to make his journey down from the mountains. Once in town he slinks from window to window, observing in his illegal way the goings-on of town and country folk alike. Over the years he's “seen it all”, twice in fact, as peering so earnestly for such a long time has made his eyes go crossed. If Gluggagægir spies some little knick-knack to his liking, he is not above pilfering it, nor at making ugly faces at anyone who happens to catch him looking in - good reasons to remember to close the curtains and bolt the door on the 21st! Size: in cm: 10,00 /in.: 3,93

Our Price: U.S. $18.75