Eiderdown Duvets and Pillows

Eiderdown is the softest and lightest down in the world. It is extremely rare, in great demand and highly prized (accounting for its high price).
To ensure the quality of our duvets we use more eiderdown for filling than most of our competitors. We recommend buyers to compare the quantity of eiderdown filling and prices before taking purchasing decision. Our eiderdown is washed and sterilized and certified at 99.95% purity. It is never blended with any other type of down. The Icelandic Ministry of Health verifies that all our eiderdown is save to use. The duvet is hand sewn using only down-proof Egyptian cotton.
Our eiderdown duvets offering are:
Three standard sizes, Single, Queen, and King size.
Two thicknesses types: Light duvets for moderate climate and the quality Regular duvets for year around use in cooler (or even arctic) climates and unheated bedrooms. The Regular duvets provide a wider comfort range; they will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

All our Eiderdown has an official Quality Certificate of Inspection regarding eiderdown product, according to law nr. 52/2005 on inspection of Icelandic Eiderdown:

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