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Icelandic Corn Tea - Herbal Tea

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Icelandic corn tea - toasted barley (Hordeum vulgare) and angelica seeds Organically cultivated barley from Modir jord in Vallanes is the principal ingredient in this mild, pleasantly tasting tea, which is ideal for everyday use. Wild Angelica seeds lend it a slightly exotic flavour which blends well with that of the toasted barley. Each tea bag can be infused several times. In many countries barley is a popular remedy for colds and influenza. It is believed to increase blood flow, be cleansing and anti-inflammatory. Research indicates that barley reduces blood cholesterol and levels blood sugars. Angelica seeds contain substances that have anti-viral and relaxing properties.

10 teabags = net wt 20gr

Made in Iceland by Urta Islandica