Knitting Dream Package: Winners

Here are the 10 lucky people that WON Nordic Store´s Social Share Competition and will therefore receive one wool blanket and one knitting kit of their own choosing from our online store!!
(The winners will also be notified via the source in which they entered or via email.) 

1. Like & Follow us on social media:
* Frank Seidl (Pinterest)
2. Write a product review on our webpage:
* Gwendalyn Grundy

3. Tweet about Icelandic Wool:
* Julie (@snarkbiscuit)

4. Tell your Facebook Friends about our knitting kits:
* Deborah Jean Cohen

5. Share our webpage on your FB wall and tag 3 friends:
* Ann Devine

6. Join our mailing list:
* Katherine Holmes

7. Purchase before contest ends:
* Margaret Sharkey

8. Send an email to your friends and tell them about Nordic Store:
* David Granas

9. Take a picture of yourself with a connection to Nordic Store or Iceland:
* Chris Gaiman

10. Post our link to Reddit:
* @FeelinTheLove