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Iceland Knits - 50 Patterns

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Iceland Knits | 50 Patterns From The Icelandic Knitting Grassroots

Authors: Halldóra Skarphéðinsdóttir and Erla S. Sigurðardóttir

The book Iceland Knits includes about 50 knitting and crocheting patterns (mainly knitting patterns) designed by 20 different Icelandic knitters – the Icelandic knitting grassroots.

The knitters come from all over Iceland, range from 25 – 90 years in age, and have quite varying knitting experience. The book Iceland Knits includes both patterns and some text about each knitter, based on Erla´s interviews with them.

The knitting tradition in Iceland is quite strong, and many of the patterns in the book are quite traditional ones – most of them with a „twist“ though. Many of the pieces are knitted with the Icelandic Lopi wool, but it can be substituted with yarn of the same weight. See more about knitting yarn here.

Everybody seems to be knitting and designing their own stuff in Iceland now…. In this book we tried to capture some of the „knitting energy“ Iceland is experiencing – and we are very happy with the results, we hope you love it as much as we do.

About the authors of Iceland Knits:

Halldóra og Erla are cousins and both in the grips of knitting-madness. For this book they selected what they found to be the best patterns from the Icelandic knitting grassroots, and also contributed a few of their own. Halldóra is a biologist, but a self-proclaimed knitting addict, and this is her second knitting book. Erla is an anthropologist currently on maternity leave. She hasn’t put her needles down since she was bit by the knitting bug two years ago. She represents novice knitters - and personally made sure that all the patterns in the book are clear and easy to follow!

The book was first published in Icelandic in November 2009, and soon became a best-seller