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Moses Hightower - Búum Til Börn (CD)

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Reykjavík-based soul quartet Moses Hightower released their debut album, Búum til börn (Let's make babies), on July 5, 2010.
Starting out in 2007 as the live band for solo chanteuse Dísa the group soon received considerable airplay with the smooth, plain-spoken single that would later become the title track of their critically acclaimed debut.

Ever-plagued by being scattered across Europe, it was only in July 2009 that the band-members headed to the countryside and started cutting the album's 10 tracks, with Benny Crespo's Gang-ster Magnús Øder as the 5th Beatle. After the sessions were wrapped up in Amsterdam in March 2010, Magnús took on the job of mixing the album.

The result is a dynamic, groovy cocktail of 70's soul with a dash of neo-soul and dub thrown in for good measure. Talented musicians join Moses Hightower on the album, as well as for their acclaimed live performances: the aforementioned Dísa, Sigríður Thorlacius (Hjaltalín) and Ragnheiður Gröndal sing background vocals, and Óskar Guðjónsson (Mezzoforte, Jagúar) and Samúel Jón Samúelsson (SJS Big Band, Jagúar) provide the distinctively mellow combination of tenor sax and trombone.

Quickly carving out a steady presence near the top of national radio charts and garnering universal accolades from critics, the first 1000-copy printing of Búum til börn sold out in a matter of weeks as the band closed it's summer in Iceland with a series of packed concerts.