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Night Shift - Day Shift - Prison Shift - Vaktabokin (4DVD)

Night Shift - Day Shift - Prison Shift - Vaktabokin (4DVD)

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Three men working at a gas station in Reykjavik battle boredom, strange visitors and their own customers.

This package include 4 dvd's in the Icelandic bestselling hit series, "Næturvaktin" (The Night Shift), "Dagvaktin" (The Day Shift), "Fangavaktin" (The Prison Shift) and the movie Bjarnfredarson (Vaktabókin), the final closure of the series. Vaktabokin also includes a special book that gives more insight into the characters and their thinking. 

One of the most popular TV series and movie ever in Iceland.

Næturvaktin series was shown on BBC 4 - spring 2011.
A remake of Næturvaktin was shown on TV2 Norway (Nattskiftet) in 2012

These DVD's included all episodes in the series +extra material.

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Ragnar Bragason
Audio: Icelandic
Subtitles: English
Region 2 DVD