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Nordic Store offers a wide range of Icelandic Products shipped worldwide to your home. You can also visit our specialized stores where you can find a greater selection of Wool, Health, and Viking products.

Please visit our new stores that specializes in wool products from Iceland:
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Our mission is to offer quality Icelandic products with greatest reliability.

Featured Products
Kids pullovers
Pullover for kids with traditional Icelandic pattern. Sizes for 2-8 years old.
Our Price: U.S. $112.75 More
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Skipper's Cardigan, White w/hood
DHL Priority shipping Included
Skipper's Cardigan, White w/hood and zipper.
Our Price: U.S. $229.00 More
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Frost Hooded Cardigan - Black
DHL Priority shipping Included
Black, full-zip hooded cardigan, hand knitted with double Plotulopi wool yarn ...
Our Price: U.S. $249.00 More
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Pattern Book 26
New designs by Védís Jónsdóttir for all ages and horses too! Plötulopi, Álafoss Lopi, Létt-Lopi and Bulky Lopi. Available in English.
Our Price: U.S. $14.99 More
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Magical Rune: Helm of Awe.
Victory was ensured when one used this symbol to confront their enemy. Cast in ...
Our Price: U.S. $80.08 More
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Hugleikur Dagsson VERSUS 2014
Twelve Illustrated Battles From The History Of Never
Our Price: U.S. $29.40 More
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Cod liver oil -280mg 500 capsules
Cod liver oil builds up resistance to colds and other ailments ...
Our Price: U.S. $24.12 More
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Alafoss Blanket Interior Perspective 1061
Alafoss Shades Perspective Blanket made of 100% pure Icelandic wool. Size 130 x 200 cm / 51 x 79 inches.
Our Price: U.S. $113.05 More
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Blue Lagoon Silica energy massage oil- 100 ml
Energizing massage and body care oil. Combines natural Blue Lagoon silica and the essential oils eucalyptus...
Our Price: U.S. $50.00 More
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Small and brilliantly Norwegian designed credit card holder / leather wallet. Can hold up to 7 credit cards ...
Our Price: U.S. $99.00 More
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Plotulopi 9210 - burgundy
Icelandic wool knitting yarn, Plotulopi. Burgundy, 100g per unit.
Our Price: U.S. $3.80 More
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Black lava tear necklace - Pearl
Handmade from natural Icelandic lava rocks and pure silver. The lava drops are produced by ...
Our Price: U.S. $84.03 More
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Alafoss Lopi 9976 - beige tweed ( In Stock )
Icelandic knitting wool yarn, 100g per unit.
Our Price: U.S. $4.80 More
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Bulky Lopi - 1416
Super bulky yarn. 100% new wool. 100 g (3.5 oz) approx. 60 m (66 yd).
Our Price: U.S. $5.68 More
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Children's Enriched Cod Liver Oil - 240ml
Has a mild taste and contains vitamins A, D and E. It is also rich ...
Our Price: U.S. $13.10 More
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64° Reykjavik Distillery - LANDI
This unique masculine fragrance is delivered from the national flower of Iceland and..
Our Price: U.S. $92.00 More
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Brown heather cardigan, knitting kit - zipper or buttons
Brown heather unisex cardigan Knitting kit, includes pattern book, Alafoss wool yarn, 12x100g, buttons or a zipper
Our Price: U.S. $115.50 More
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